debatable topics


So the other day I was scrolling through Facebook and one of my “friends” posted a quote that was similar to this…”if you don’t believe in guns that’s your freedom and if you don’t believe in God that is also your freedom, but if you are in trouble the first thing you will do is call someone with a gun and pray they make it on time.” This kind of made me a little upset.

I personally don’t care what your religion is, if you are a good person and treat others well, then we will get along great. I personally am agnostic, and have been ever since the day my daughter died. But I have never judged anyone for their religious beliefs. Unless it affects me, which 99.99% of the time it does not, then it is not up to me to judge at all.

But this quote, posted by a Christian, seems pretty hypocritical to me. So you are telling me that you think people have the freedom to think or believe what they want, and then mock those beliefs. Now if I am not mistaken, that is the biggest complaint of most Christians and Catholics, that they get made fun of or mocked for their beliefs. Then why would you turn around and do that to others and then complain about it.

Secondly, even though someone may not believe in God does not mean that they don’t believe in a higher power. And just because it isn’t the same as anyone else’s, that doesn’t make them wrong.  There are many reasons why people may or may not believe in God and that is their own business. Just like those who believe in God do not like being mocked for having their faith and beliefs, those of us who do not believe in “God” or believe in other powers don’t like being mocked. And in my opinion, that’s exactly what this statement is doing.