The beginning of the end of my free time as I know it

It is the end of July/ beginning of August and in my little world, that means the end of any free time I might possible have. This is the beginning of Marching Band (Tyler) season and Cross Country (Jordan). And any more, these seasons take all my time.

Since last year I feel like i didn’t get very involved in band, I vowed this year I would be a little more involved. Well, a little became a lot, and I am now in charge of 2 of the major fundraisers for the band and I am also the Band Booster Secretary. And now I am now feeling a little (lot) overwhelmed.

There are so many pieces to all of these fundraisers. Needing volunteers, concessions, reporting to other Booster members, etc. I think of one thing, and then 10 other thoughts jump into my mind, and then my mind starts to feel like a carousel on speed. But I have become really good at making lists…lol.

But for all the crazy things, there are some really good things as well. I have been meeting new people and making friends. I work with a lot of awesome people who go above and beyond to help make the hard things easier. I am not only working with band parents, but learning guard and choir families as well.

Since I have always been an introvert and talking to people has been hard for me, these are some pretty big milestones! And yes, I intentionally put myself in these situations. I think it helps me get to know the families my son is hanging out with, and Tyler really likes knowing I care enough to be involved.

So along with the new experiences and a few struggles come some really great things. I encourage anyone who has kids in any sports or clubs to volunteer. Your Kids May Not show It now, But they will Greatly benefit. And there could be any world of benefits for you any well!