My Ultimate Joys

Along with the cappy days, there are far more days that bring me joy. I try to find happiness in the little things. Things such as a full moon, my kids, music, and so many other things. I am human, and am allowed my bad days, but I still try to find more good than bad.

This weekend was a perfect example. It was a full moon, and to me, that is one of the most beautiful sights in nature. A great big white full moon against am black sky surrounded by the stars. To me it is a wonder and absolutely beatuiful. It may sound and little cheesy, but to me it signifies that there is still beauty in the world even with amdll the ugliness we see and hear every day.

Along with the moon, my boys and  I saw a baby bunny while walking in our neighborhood. I mean, it was no bigger than maybe a golf ball. The boys wanted ro take it home and keep it (and so did I a little) but I told them he needed to stay with his family. But it was so adorable that it made my day a little happier to see it. 

Rainow are another symbol of hope for me. There was are bad storm on Friday and it knocked out power for a lot of people and did some damage. But at the end of it was a stunning rainbow and you could see the whole arch. All the colors acre so vivid and bring home the fact that there is usually something good that comes out of something bad.

Lastly, being with my family brings me the most joy of all. Seeing my kids grow and become little men, and experience new things makes me feel so awesome. We went to the Newport Aquarium this weekend and saw the stingrays and the boys got to touch them. It was a new experience for them, and to watch their faces when touching them was hilarious. Tyler said it felt gross and like they had no skin. Jordan thought it was pretty cool. Watching the boys be overprotective with the baby bunny and try to take care of it warmed my heart. Because for all the bad in the world and the shit that they have been through, they still have good hearts and are caring people.

So these things will always give me hope that there is always good in the world, and things to give us hope.