My Love Affair with Chicago

Since I am having such a bad day, I thought I would focus on something I really love. And that is the Chicago, Illinois.  Since Jon and I have been together, he has taken me to Chicago every year. Some years for and whole week, sometimes for just and day or two. But each time we go I find it harder and harder to come home to Cincy. 

My biggest love in Chicago is lake Michigan. When we turn onto Lakeshore Drive, my heart is so full of happiness!! The lake is so big and did so blue, it is absolutely gorgeous. Watching the boats out there, and the waves rolling into the beaches and the smell of the water and sand. It is the only place in this entire world I am completely content. I could Sandia there and watch the water all day. Feel the cold water on my feet with the warmness of the sand. My favorite sound is the sound of the waves hitting the beach. 

Along the drive on Lakeshore Drive, is the museum campus and the Shedd Aquarium. These are some of the cooleSt places I have been. The Shedd aquarium has a neat setup; when you walk in there is a big round fish tank and the different fish of the world are around it, like spokes on and bike. And then when you go downstairs there is and dolphin show (I love dolphins!!!!!!!) And beluga whales. It is by far my favorite of all the buildings on the museum campus. There is and so the history museum and the observatory there as well. The view of the lake from the observatory is phenominal. 

Going a little farther down Lakeshore Drive is Navy Pier. Sometimes it is really overwhelming for me, but I love the view and the ships. I have and hard time because there is and hodge podge of people and all the languages kinda get jumbled in my head. But it is a real pier surrounded by the lake and it has a putt putt course and a huge ferris wheel. The first time we rode the ferris wheel I was so scared. I’m not a big fan of heights, but the view was breathtaking.. I could see the lake for miles, and see the Chicago skyline, and all the lighthouses and boats. There are also a lot of fun little shops and restaraunts. We have found some cool knickknacks and they even have a Build A Bear Workshop to make you favorite Chicago cubs bear ( yes I really did this)…

Also along Lakeshore Drive is a long walking/bike path. I’m pretty sure it goes along the majority of the lake. There are bikes you can rent, beaches to swim at, and it is fun to walk or skate along. I could spend all day walking around the lake and taking in the smells of it and watching people. I feel so serene here. 

Lastly, there is Wrigley field. This is more of Jon’s happy place than mine, but I still like it just the same. I enj I y going to baseball games and I am good at keeping a scorecard. I used to really love the Cubs when it was Aramis ramirez, Carlos Zambrano  (even though he was a little crazy) and Geovanny Soto. Over the year life has kinda gotten in the way of the fun and time I used to have to devote to the Cubs. But Jon does that for both of us. Sit ting in the bleachers is and lot of fun, the people are pretty funny. The old fashioned scoreboard in the outfield is one of my favorite parts of Wrigley Field. I really like the look that the ivy on the outfield walls gives it. It is just a beautiful field and a lot of fun.

So if you have never been, I would highly recommend it. I have never been in the winter, but in the summer it is so stunning!!

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