Accepting Compliments

So the other day I am on a conference call with my boss, and her boss and another employee. And my boss gives me one,of the best compliments ever. She tells me I am a wonderful tech and I have learned a lot amd can help when needed. This made me feel really really good about myself…but also really embarrassed. 

I am not sure why it is so hard for me to take compliments, but I really struggle. And then I feel I make other people feel awkward because I dont know how to properly accept compliments. And I know it all stems from being in abusive relationships. So that is my goal this month… To work on being more accepting of compliments. 

I know I am a good worker and am efficient at getting things done. So I do feel great when other people notice. I have also been trying to do the same to others. Maybe if I give compliments as well as receive them, it will help me. I work with some super awesome people so that part isn’t hard. Hopefully watching them and seeing how others react will help me as well. 

Even if Jon compliments me, I have a hard time accepting his compliments. I get really embarrassed and my face gets all red. Which seems silly since we have been together so long. So any advice on how to take compliments from a loved one would be appreciated! 

So try to take the time to compliment someone today. You never know how much ot could positively impact their day! Even if they act all weird and shy like me.. It could be the highlight of that day! 🙂

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