13 reasons why..or why not..

So both of my teenage sons and I have watched this show, and I have a lot of thoughts on it. I don’t agree that the schools should be telling parents that their kids should or should not watch it. And I think the show has some great points.

Being the parent of a child who attempted suicide, I think this show makes some great points. First of all, kids are assholes. There are some good kids, dont get me wrong, but most kids are assholes. They think they can treat people however they want, and can do what they want. I’m not perfect, I do not always catch when my kids act like that, but I do most of the time and there are serious repercussions if I catch them. It is not okay to treat other people like shit and talk about them. You have no idea what they are going through, be a decent human being for Gods sake. And we as parents need to teach our kids that. Pay attention to what they are doing, check their phones, talk to the teachers. 

My kids go to a school where there are counselors for each grade level and they have good resources. And still there are so many issues. I had to be all over the help for my son. I had to butt heads with the counselor a few times and push hard. 

I dont feel like this is glorifying suicide. I think it shows real problems that go on in real schools and happens to real kids. There is so much peer pressure, and drugs, and alcohol and favoritism that goes on, its a wonder half the kids survive high school. And I do know these things because I am very involved with my kids activities and I spend a great deal of time there. 

So seriously, we need to teach our kids to be better human beings. Not treat other kids like shit, no matter what. That its not okay to take advantage of girls, or boys, or make fun of other people. Be more aware of what your kids are doing. Check their phones. And no, I don’t believe there is any right to privacy until they are about 18. With all the social media drama there needs to be some vigilance. I don’t check everything on their phones, but I check facebook, Instagram and snapchat. If I see something I dont like I call them out on it. Maybe if there was a little more tough love, and not so much babying these kids, there would be a few less problems.

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