Teachers today are seriously underpaid and over utilized. My kids have some of the most awesome teachers who really care about the kids and go out of their way to help kids who really need it. 

Tyler is a freshman in high school and has a 504 plan. I know at some schools it is a miracle to get one, but Milford has been super helpful and accomidating for us. The teachers help Tyler throughout the day, give him extra time to turn thing in, work with him through lunch, and keep in constant contact with me. They dont have to do all those things. They could just tell him, oh hey, you didn’t do the assignment so you fail. 

His English and Biology teachers have given him extra weeks and have really taken the time to work,with him,on major projects. If it wasnt for this extra help, he would not be able to perform in band. Which would devastate him. And yes, my child is old enough he should be able to do his work on his own. But the teachers understand his needs and his issues and make it a point to help.

The same is at the Junior High with Jordan. These teachers, in my eyes, are saints. They are dealing with hundreds of kids who are hormonal and trying to figure out who they are. All the drama and drugs and meanness. As a parent it is hard for me, let alone these teachers who have to deal with it for 8 hours every single day. Plus they have to deal with some of the as whole parents as well. 

For all the kids, they give them extra time, usually until,the end of the quarter to finish some work. They really understand the needs of most if these kids. Jordan is a pretty laidback kid, just lazy with his work,sometimes. And these teachers just go above and beyond. 

I make zure at every meeting, and every conference and email I let these teachers know how much I appreciate everything that they do. In my opinion, this is the most underpaid profession in the world. These teachers help shape who our kids will be and teach them valuable lessons, and they make cheap for salaries. But we pay professional athletes millions of dollars for what, a few hours of entertainment each week. This is a big part of what’s wrong with America today….

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