So as I scroll through my Facebook or Twitter feed, all I read about is Trump, or hate, or Russia. And it has driven me to the point I can’t watch the news or even listen to the radio or even see how my friends are doing online. I mean, I understand that he was not the best choice, ever, but I mean come on. I never even really know what is the truth anymore.

I have friends,on both sides, and I respect everyone’s right to their,own opinion. But one post says Trump is doing one thing, and the next post says he is doing the exact opposite. All the attention and media and people are the only ones spreading the hate and fueling the fire. 

I am aware there will be some big changes, amd some that may affect me. But for the moment, what’s done is done and I have to focus on my job of helping people and raising my kids. And I am using this election and the fall out as am example to my boys of how not to treat people. And that posting political things on Facebook will do mothjng but start a fight. I mean, people who have been friends for years are no longer speaking. Is,it really worth all that? 

So seriously, take the time today to be kind to someone. Smile, say hello, help them, love them. Thats the real way to fix all the hate going around. Not by fighting or spreading lies. To be cliche, be the change you want to see in the world.

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