Battle of the Bands

So Sunday night Jon and I went to Bogarts in Cincinnati to see Badflower, Red Sun Rising, and Pop Evil. We have seen Pop Evil numerous times, and I have never seen Badflower or Red Sun Rising. I feel each band put on a pretty good show separately, but in a whole the show was just okay.

The first band on was Badflower, who I had never heard of. But I thoroughly enjoyed their set. The singer was lively and animated, and the guitarists were as well. I feel the drummer was good as well, though not as lively as the others. But to be fair, the stage was awfully small. They put a lot of passion into their show, they didnt just go up on the stage and strum a guitar and sing. We will he seeimg them again at Rock on the Range and I am happy about that.

After them we saw Red Sun Rising. This was one of the best performances I have seen in a while. There are 5 guys in the band, and there was very little room for them to move around the stage. But they managed to make it work anyways. My favorite was the bass player Ricky Miller. He was so much fun to watch! And for their last song, Emotionless, he switched guitars while Mike Protich played the other bass guitar. The crowd loved them which makes it more fun as well. 

Lastly was Pop Evil. We have seen them multiple times, but never with Hayley as the drummer. I was doubtful at first because I don’t like change. But she was awesome. And Jon and I feel that she played a lot cleaner than Chachi used to. So that was a very pleasant. But I feel the rest of the show was just okay. I have seen shows,in the past where they were more animated and more fun to watch. The vocals weren’t as passionate as I have heard in the past. 

So I learned yesterday that Red Sun Rising is no longer touring with them. And honestly that does not come as a surprise to me. Usually at shows where more than 1 band performs, all the bands talk up all the other bands. And that just didnt happen at all. Usually the openers will try to get the crowd excited for the main band, and the main band will thank the other bamds for touring with them and try to promote them to the fans. But none of that happened, and that was pretty sad. 

So all in all it was a pretty good show. 🙂

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