Angry Mom

Some days, like today I get really really pissed. My kids are failing classes because they are too lazy to do their work. They know the material, but are honestly failing because of not doing classwork/homework. And that really pisses me off. I take the extra time and especially the teachers take the extra time to work with my boys, and its like they say f*ck you to all of us. Tyler has a 504 plan, and the equivalent of 2 study halls, and is still failing. Jordan would rather have a box in his face. And that makes me almost as mad. Serioulsy… I have really reached my limit. I mean I can only yell and scream amd threaten so much. And again, they don’t care. 

I am also sick,to death of lazy people. I mean is it really that hard to fold your own clothes or do something other than worry about yourself. All my mom does is sit and smoke and read books. Everyone has to wait on her hand and foot even though she went through months of physical therapy. I mean come on, we are tired of doing everything for you. So this post goes out to all of us who are overwhelmed and frustrated. Tomorrow is another day and can hopefully only be better than today. I am here, in the same boat as you, and I feel your frustration!

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